The Future Is Mobile – Are You Prepared?

Last month Ofcom released the 2015 Communications Market Report. It reveals the continuing changes in how we in the UK access the internet. Desktops account for 14% of internet access, 30% use laptops (it was 40% just last year), 19% use tablets to access the internet, and smart phones are the largest group with 33% […]

Hook and Promise – The Foundation of Your Effective Marketing Message

If you’ve ever found it difficult to create an effective sales letter, sales video, or opt-in message here is a new perspective that can help you make them more relevant to your market, increase the value you are offering, and make more sales or get more opt-ins. Whatever your marketing message is it will be […]

Upsells – Why would I be in the Inner Circle when I can’t even get out of the loop?

The concept of upsells and downsells has been around for a long time. The usual example given to explain an upsell is when the person behind the counter at McDonalds would ask if you “want fries with that?” It’s an opportunity to offer more value in exchange for a little extra money. However it seems […]

YouTube guidelines – how to avoid getting your videos flagged

I read recently that an internet marketer I know had a video taken down by YouTube for allegedly inappropriate content. YouTube has a number of ground rules that you have to follow if you want to post videos on their site. Here are the most relevant ones if you are an internet marketer. Copyright Only […]

How Trustworthy is a Trustmark?

When people shop online they should be checking the websites they visit for signs that they are trustworthy. A few years ago Econsultancy reported that a Cybersource survey found that 85% of UK online shoppers look for signs that the website they are considering buying from is secure. When visiting a website shoppers can check […]

EPC – The metric that could predict your success

There are a number of statistics or metrics you should know about your online business. One of the most important is called the Earnings Per Click (EPC). This tells you how much money you make for each unique visitor (‘click’) to reach your website or sales funnel. To calculate your EPC for a product you […]

Infomarketing – The 10 Commandments

Over the Easter weekend I found myself wondering if there could be 10 commandments for infomarketing. Yes, I know Moses is not connected to Easter, other than also being mentioned in the Bible, and Old Testament movies sneaking into the Easter weekend schedules. Anyway, here’s my attempt at some infomarketing commandments. What do you think? […]

Don’t Follow The Easter Egg Principle

So Easter is approaching and it’s that brief period in the year when we are encouraged to buy what I regard as a master stroke in marketing – the chocolate Easter egg. Bright, fancy packaging, often related to a treat or character that kids can identify, and probably less chocolate than you’d get if you […]

Ten Amazing YouTube Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Ten years ago this Saturday saw the launch of the beta version of YouTube. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and in those ten years the site has produced some amazing statistics. The first video uploaded to YouTube was just 19 seconds long. The number of hours people spend […]