Don’t Follow The Easter Egg Principle

An Easter EggSo Easter is approaching and it’s that brief period in the year when we are encouraged to buy what I regard as a master stroke in marketing – the chocolate Easter egg.

Bright, fancy packaging, often related to a treat or character that kids can identify, and probably less chocolate than you’d get if you bought an ordinary bar for the same price.

In internet marketing there are similar products, in that there are ones that rely more on marketing and packaging than content.

Confectioners can sell Easter eggs because of a religious event. Internet marketers can sell poor content products because of the desperation of their audience. Get the sales copy right and people will buy low content products in droves.

That might sound good, even tempting, until you consider the high refund rates and the high percentage of buyers who will never buy from you again.

So whether it’s creating a product or putting marketing together, it’s best to ignore the Easter egg principle. Make your content great and the packaging acceptable. Make sure your sales material works to promote your product and you won’t need flashy, expensive graphics or a professional video team.

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