The Future Is Mobile – Are You Prepared?

Responsive websiteLast month Ofcom released the 2015 Communications Market Report. It reveals the continuing changes in how we in the UK access the internet.

Desktops account for 14% of internet access, 30% use laptops (it was 40% just last year), 19% use tablets to access the internet, and smart phones are the largest group with 33% of people using them to get online.

There are other stats giving further insights for UK mobile use in 2015. Two thirds of adults now own a smartphone and 30% of adults use that smart phone within five minutes of waking up. This rises to 49% for those aged between 18 and 24. Britons are now spending nearly 2 hours (one hour 53 minutes) online on their handsets per day. That’s twice as much as they spend on laptops and desktops.

We are even using them more for tasks that would have traditionally been done at a desktop. 45% of UK adults use a smartphone device to shop online.

This is yet another indication of how the online world is going mobile. The UK trends are following those in the US.

Since April Google have used mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. If your site is not mobile friendly it’s less likely to appear in Google searches performed on a mobile device.

What does all this mean? If your site is not mobile friendly it’s less likely to be seen. Some website owners may have thought this was not so if you are selling online, since purchases were usually done via a desktop, but the above trends and statistics clearly show this is not the case.

Either you have to set up a mobile friendly website to run alongside the desktop friendly one you have now or change to a responsive website. This is one that alters its own layout for ease-of-use depending on the device your visitor is using to access the site.

If you have a WordPress website there are a growing number of themes that are responsive. If you have an HTML site you’ll probably need a web designer to create the responsive site for you.

This is a step every marketer must consider taking if they haven’t done so already. Trends on both sides of the Atlantic are pointing the way. Today if you want to reach your market tomorrow you’d better not do it using yesterday’s website.


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