Create an Avatar to Focus Your Marketing

In the era of mass marketing it was difficult to target your audience. Newspaper and magazine advertising covered a large sector of the population and you had to hope that your target audience was amongst the readers. At this time even the Ford Motor Company didn’t have the resources to make their advertising efficient. The […]

Can I Use That Image?

Has anyone else noticed we are seeing more images and video being posted on Facebook? As capacities of memory and bandwidth have increased there is been an undeniable rise in the use of image-based content. This is particularly important for online marketing as using attention-getting images on blogs, social media posts and platforms like Pinterest […]

Are You Optimising Traffic From This Email Message?

Emails offer a great opportunity to generate traffic to your website. The most common method is to include a link within the body of the message you are sending out, but there are other opportunities too. The most obvious is to include links to your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts after your signature at the […]

Discover How the World Sees You at Your Best

Earlier this year I wrote a post about standing out from the crowd. One of the steps I mentioned was to be yourself and play to your strengths. The problem is we don’t always recognise our own strengths or know how to use them to our advantage. How the World Sees You is written by […]

Your Email List – What Do They Want?

Last week I looked at some of the metrics you can use to monitor your email campaigns. This week the results of a couple of surveys related to email marketing caught my attention. According to Direct Marketing Association UK email is the preferred method of communication for UK internet users. However, this doesn’t mean they […]

Three ways to stand out online

As someone with practically zero presence online at the moment I’ve been thinking about how people in the internet marketing niche manage to stand out. I’m sure there are a number of factors. Here are three that I’ve identified. 1) the internet seems full of information and everyone sharing their ideas and opinions. Amongst this […]