Solve Big Problems And Test New Ideas With A Quick Sprint

Sprint by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz reveals a process that focuses on making very rapid design and product improvements by focusing on a specific project for a period of one week. The book says it is a method “to solve big problems, test new ideas, get more done, and do it faster.” […]

Finding It Hard To Take Action? Try The 10 X Rule

The basic premise of the 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone is if you multiply by ten times what you believe is possible in your life and consequently multiply by ten the actions you are willing to take you are more likely to make that vision a reality. Cardone suggests there are four ways we […]

7 Tips for Creating Content

One of the challenges of producing content is to always have something to write. But what can you do when your mind has gone blank and you seem to have no inspiration at all? Even the best authors suffer writer’s block. Luckily there are some strategies you can use to overcome this problem. 1. Have […]

What Can An Internet Marketer Do Without The Internet?

This week we are taking delivery of a new BT Hub. Hopefully this will mean a faster internet connection and an increase in productivity. However it does mean for a short period this week we will be unable to access the internet. This rarely happens and is usually because either 1) we suffer a power […]

Deja Vu and the Sound of Success

A quick update this week. Recently I’ve been looking further ahead and trying to identify good topics for Kindle books. I purchased a course related to choosing Kindle niches and found that I already had access to a software that the course recommended: Ebook Niche Explorer. You put a keyword that’s related to a niche […]

A Trick That Can Speed Up Your Writing

If you are a content creator one of the biggest challenges is to remain productive. When writing articles or any piece of written content I used to edit as I went along. This is not the quickest way to produce content. The temptation to correct errors as you write will slow you down. It’s far […]

Let’s get on with …oh look Squirrel!

The phrase “Oh look, squirrel,” comes from the film Up and is said by a dog that is frequently distracted. There is even a Facebook page named after the phrase which is often associated with ADD. As internet marketers we need to keep focused and should be aware of our own ‘squirrel moments’. It seems […]

Profit Hacks – An Opportunity to Learn to Launch

If you don’t recognise the diagram here it may be time to stand back and take a good look at your business. It comes from the Internet Business Manifesto, a report issued some years ago by Rich Schefren. It essentially shows how the majority of internet businesses are organized, with too many tasks being handled […]


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