Profit Hacks – An Opportunity to Learn to Launch

The You Diagram
If you don’t recognise the diagram here it may be time to stand back and take a good look at your business. It comes from the Internet Business Manifesto, a report issued some years ago by Rich Schefren.

It essentially shows how the majority of internet businesses are organized, with too many tasks being handled by one person. The business owner. You.

Now, years later, Rich claims to have found the solution to this problem and it’s based on leveraging your time and effort. The solution is contained within his next product: Profit Hacks. Unfortunately for many it’s likely to be a high ticket solution and possibly beyond the means of many starting an online business.

However that does not mean it will not be worth watching this launch as it progresses. Rich has successfully predicted a number of changes that have come to pass in the internet marketing arena and has also been very successful at getting his marketing right.

Now let me give you a little insider information. This is actually the third time this product has been launched.

It was first launched to his high ticket buyers in June 2011. Back then the website contained only a couple of videos in each of the 5 modules. Selling at a lower price point than the one he is aiming for now, Rich used this launch to gather testimonials and make improvements via feedback.

The second launch was to the rest of his list, and now he’s starting the third launch to the general internet marketing public via affiliates. After feedback from the first two launches Profit Hacks now has 7 modules and includes an outsourcing course that has been sold seperately in the past.

So there’s the first lesson to learn. Even the most successful marketers do trial runs and react to feedback. They are also not averse to using repurposed evergreen material.

As with previous launches Rich has started his current campaign by issuing a free report. You can get The Profit Prophesy without even having to opt-in here.

The no cost, no opt-in setup is to remove two main barriers to entry. He’s trying to get as many people as he can into his sales funnel.

Take a look at the report. It’s an interesting perspective, but don’t lose sight of the fact this is the opening of a launch process. Rich is not just alerting people to a “mind virus that’s affecting online entrepreneurs worldwide”. He’s reinforcing his positioning as an expert, arousing interest and inviting interaction for the next stage of the launch.

This is likely to be teaser content. As Profit Hacks is about leverage and efficiency it’s probably written or video material he has used in the previous launches.

There’s also going to be another Schefren trademark: a multi-hour livecast. This is an interesting component considering the product is aimed at entrepreneurs who are swamped with work and are supposed to have little free time! I assume this is to get attention, be seen to be offering some of the information for free and to further qualify the list of prospects.

Even if you don’t see the value of Profit Hacks or even if you do but cannot afford it I recommend you watch this launch unfold. You can often learn a lot by watching a master at work and Rich is one online entrepreneur who clearly is successful at what he does.

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  1. That was an excellent rerpot and if you’re clever enough to read between the lines you will distinguish that the concept is more important than the actual mechanics. People jump on trends in the forlorn hope that they can build a website with a view clicks, sit back and do no work and hope to see thousands of dollars rolling into their bank account. Google is becoming much more aggressive at weeding out affiliates, you have to accept that Google just doesn’t like affiliates at all in their programme. Initially they weeded out one page websites, then thin affiliate sites, then programmes like BANS that left easily recognizable footprints and now their latest target is review type sites and tomorrow it will be something else that affiliates are conjuring up to try and stay ahead of Google.Google are always at the top of their game and now MSM and Yahoo are starting to copy their model and the reality is that it is not exactly difficult to give the search engines what they want, ie.,fresh unique content that is relevant and valuable to the searcher. Although Google command a large chunk of the search engine market they themselves admit that over 50% of daily keyword searches are brand new terms yet, up to date, it has been difficult if not impossible to try and establish exactly what those terms are, where they occurred and who is actually originating them. The huge impact of social media networking has been largely ignored by traditional Internet Marketers or has been used in a very traditional way, but now there may be a light at the end of the tunnel -I’ll certainly be looking closely at this new tool!!

  2. Yes the rate of change seems to have increased over the last couple of years. That’s why I believe products like Profit Hacks are going to become more important as internet marketing becomes more challenging.

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