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BlogMindMap I probably first came across the idea of representing facts in the form of a diagram when I was at school studying for my A levels. However, then it was about organising somebody else’s information so that it would be easier to understand or recall. Information contained in a textbook or from a teacher.

At the time I didn’t find it easy to translate information to a diagram. I also don’t feel that I think in a way that made it easy for me to create my own mind maps or concept maps. I believe I’m more a logical, linear thinker than an arty drawy type and tended to create lists instead. Yet I often imagine things spacially and I’m quite good translating what’s on a map into the real world or imagining things like atoms or planets in orbit as a moving animation.

Decades later I came across the idea of using mind maps in internet marketing. However it was probably this initial difficulty of creating concept maps that made me resist the idea of using a diagram to organise my own information, my own thoughts and plans.

The turning point came when I saw some presentations by Alex Jeffreys. He would organise the content of his presentation in a mind map and then talk his way through it. This seemed so much quicker and easier than writing out a full script that I decided to try it for myself.

I used a mind map to create the free ebook that you can see to the top right of this page. I simply started with a central topic which was the main theme of the book and then added subtopics or branches as I thought of them. The text I used was fairly short and designed to remind me about certain topics. A mind map is for organising information, not for presenting excessive detail.

Using a mind map gave me the flexibility to easily create an outline and then insert any other thoughts that occurred to me. As a result it probably took me in total only a few hours to plan the book, which was then completed over a weekend. I had never before produced an ebook so quickly.

I have since also used mind mapping to outline the content of a course  and  below is part of a mind map I am currently using to brainstorm some possible content for a membership site.


So if you’re struggling with organising information, planning how you will present some material, or looking for a way to increase your productivity I recommend you give mind mapping a try.

I currently use Free Mind. It’s an easy to use program that will be fine to get you started. If you then want to take it to another level take a look at MindMeister  and Mindjet.

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  1. Hey David,

    I’ve been using MindMeister and actually loved it so much I upgraded my account for a full year and couldn’t be any happier.

    Mind mapping (when done right) is an invaluable tool, particularly for any internet marketers that are working as solo entrepreneurs.

    You can brain storm ideas, do research and even teach others using them as a tool.


    1. Hi Sergio,

      Yes, once you get the hang of putting them together mindmaps can be versatile and time saving tools. Well worth putting in the effort to learn how to create them.


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