What Can An Internet Marketer Do Without The Internet?

This week we are taking delivery of a new BT Hub. Hopefully this will mean a faster internet connection and an increase in productivity. However it does mean for a short period this week we will be unable to access the internet.

This rarely happens and is usually because either 1) we suffer a power cut because some overenthusiastic workman has put his pickaxe through a cable whilst repairing a road or pavement, or 2) the connection at the top of a nearby telegraph pole has corroded again.

These are usually unplanned incidents, but this week is different. So I started wondering what I could do whilst being online was not an option. I have come up with the following list:

1. Plan ahead. I could start with all the things I want to do when we reconnect to the internet. This way I could make up for lost time. If there were a power cut I could extend this to reviewing my plans for the next 90 days. I do most of my planning on paper anyway, so this is an obvious option.

2. I could read a book. If I have a charged, portable device handy it could be a Kindle book. Alternatively it could be one of those traditional, tactile paper based books that isn’t dependent on battery charge.

3. Staying with battery powered devices, I could listen to a radio or use my smart phone to do some wordprocessing.

4. I could use another battery powered device and use my phone or camera to take some pictures. But that’s as far as I could get. I’ll have to save captions, resizing for my blog or Facebook, photoshopping and uploading till later.

5. I could get into my car and drive to a local wifi-offering establishment and use my phone or laptop to surf from there. If dealing with a power cut I would have to drive out of the effected area before this could be an option.

6. I could have a snack. Not the best option, but sometimes the biscuit tin is hard to ignore.

7. I could do some exercise. Go for a walk, push-ups, yoga, or a bike ride. It can’t hurt to do something to get in shape, especially after those biscuits!

The basic message is even if you are based at home and usually spend your working hours at a PC or Mac don’t base all your work on static electronic devices. Keep your mobile devices synched and don’t completely eliminate paperwork from your business.

There is also an eighth option. Often we become overwhelmed by the amount of work we set ourselves. Perhaps if our connections to the outside world are severed we should just take the opportunity of a break and take a well deserved rest.

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