A Trick That Can Speed Up Your Writing

spell and grammar checked textIf you are a content creator one of the biggest challenges is to remain productive. When writing articles or any piece of written content I used to edit as I went along. This is not the quickest way to produce content.

The temptation to correct errors as you write will slow you down. It’s far better to complete the content as a first draft and then edit it.

If you’re writing in a word processor it will often highlight any spelling or grammatical errors as they occur. This can become distracting, interrupt your flow, persuade you to correct errors as you go and easily double the time you spend on a piece of written content.

One solution is to turn off the spelling and grammar check. If you’re using MS Word you can do this as follows.

MS Word File tab  Click on the file tab and select options.







From the options menu select proofing.

MS Word Proofing window
Tick (or check, depending on which side of the Atlantic you live) the bottom two boxes and then click the OK button.

This will have disabled the spelling and grammar checks and you can now use Word without those distracting red and green underlines appearing. This should make it easier to fluently produce content without being tempted to stop and edit what you have written.

When you want to start editing your piece of work simply return to the proofing window and untick (or uncheck) the bottom two boxes and click the OK button.

If you often find yourself stopping to correct errors and interrupting the flow of your writing try this little trick and see how it can improve your productivity.

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