Finding It Hard To Take Action? Try The 10 X Rule

Front cover of 10X RuleThe basic premise of the 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone is if you multiply by ten times what you believe is possible in your life and consequently multiply by ten the actions you are willing to take you are more likely to make that vision a reality.

Cardone suggests there are four ways we can approach life and problems: decide to not take action, want to act but retreat and avoid taking action, do what most people do and take normal levels of action, or take massive action.

Another element of your success you can increase ten times is your goals. Check your goals daily and set them beyond what you think you can do.  They need to be inspirational enough for you to want to revisit them daily. If you choose goals that are too unambitious and easy to achieve you will not be sufficiently excited, inspired, and motivated to achieve what is possible. If you set an ordinary level goal and then increase it by a factor of ten, you may not reach that but you will achieve far more than you originally aimed to. Setting a bigger goal means you will be more likely to focus and invest more time and effort in achieving the goal.

Fear stops people taking action. It feeds on time. If you are anxious about taking action the longer you do not address the problem and delay taking action the more anxiety you will feel. The solution is to take action as soon as possible. Starve the fear. Don’t give it the time it needs to grow.  Whenever you feel like avoiding something go straight for it instead and get it done.

Cardone also mentions the tortoise and hare fable. The tortoise wins because it was persistent, but the hare would have completed the race if it had maintained the effort. Cordone asks what if there was a creature that can start strong and sustain that level of effort. Such a creature would have speed and persistence and would have won the race. Becoming such a creature means looking after your nutrition and your sleep routine so that you have enough energy to start strong the next day and the next.

If you’re wondering how you can set goals that make you motivated to achieve more the 10 X Rule may have the approach you’re looking for. It doesn’t have all the answers, but it can get you thinking about how to get yourself to take action.

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