April Fools Online

April FoolI’m writing this post a little later in the day than usual. Mainly so that I could lay low and avoid any April Fools pranks, but also so that I’ve had enough time to look around to see if there are any good pranks online.


The Gmail Shelfie

Google have announced the Gmail Shelfie, a tool that lets you take a selfie and set it up as your Gmail theme. Not only that, you can share your selfie so others can have your lovely face as their Gmail background too.

The SelfieBot

Some of the best April Fools are the ones that brush the edge of credibility and it’s worrying how believable this one is. It’s also an indication of how the selfie is becoming more normal in our society and how Big Brother could be welcomed into our lives without us realising it.

Let me know if you spotted any online April Fool pranks today.

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