Five Online Marketing Trends You Should Be Exploiting

If you market online you need to pay attention to trends. As technology advances and how it is used changes, your marketing tactics should be evolving too. It is said that if you’re still marketing exactly as you were just two years ago you could be missing out on the latest opportunities. In this post […]

YouTube guidelines – how to avoid getting your videos flagged

I read recently that an internet marketer I know had a video taken down by YouTube for allegedly inappropriate content. YouTube has a number of ground rules that you have to follow if you want to post videos on their site. Here are the most relevant ones if you are an internet marketer. Copyright Only […]

7 Steve Jobs Quotes an Internet Marketer Can Relate To

Steve Jobs would have been 60 today. I’m sure there are going to be many words written about his impact on the world of technology, his approach to innovation, and maybe even what he was like to work with. I don’t feel I’m qualified to comment on any of these, but over the years I […]

Ten Amazing YouTube Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Ten years ago this Saturday saw the launch of the beta version of YouTube. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and in those ten years the site has produced some amazing statistics. The first video uploaded to YouTube was just 19 seconds long. The number of hours people spend […]

Learning from Spelling and Grammatical Errors

I remember an email I read years ago from Ryan Deiss in which he said he did not care how many spelling mistakes or grammatical errors were in his work, he was too busy creating products and making money. Although I could see his point, it struck me as a little arrogant and completely missing […]

Create an Avatar to Focus Your Marketing

In the era of mass marketing it was difficult to target your audience. Newspaper and magazine advertising covered a large sector of the population and you had to hope that your target audience was amongst the readers. At this time even the Ford Motor Company didn’t have the resources to make their advertising efficient. The […]

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