Learning from Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Google spell searchI remember an email I read years ago from Ryan Deiss in which he said he did not care how many spelling mistakes or grammatical errors were in his work, he was too busy creating products and making money.

Although I could see his point, it struck me as a little arrogant and completely missing the point that everything we produce creates an impression, and every impression we make influences our customer’s opinion of us. Although perfect grammar and spelling is no guarantee of the most valuable and useful content, it does give the impression that you have mastered a skill and taken time and care over your own material.

Years ago one of my mentors produced an ebook that addressed poor spelling and grammar in online sales pages. He gave his secretary the task of checking the top sales pages in several niches on Clickbank for spelling and grammatical errors. She then collated them, identified the most common errors and this became the basis of the book.

I remember that two things struck me about this process. Firstly it addressed a real problem and produced a solution to that problem, and secondly it was based around some real research. Most ebooks I had read up to that point had simply announced their solutions, without giving proof as to how those solutions were arrived at.

Unfortunately I have changed computers about three times since I downloaded the book and I can no longer locate it on my hard drive. However there are plenty of online resources now that can be of help, and who hasn’t at some time typed a word into Google looking for the correct spelling?

If making some of the most common grammatical or spelling errors is a concern to you here are a couple of websites you may find useful:


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