More World Cup Lessons

News paper headline - England's poor World Cup performance Write some posts related to the World Cup, I thought. That’ll be topical here in England. Yeah, hoped it would last longer than two weeks though. So, here’s the last World Cup related post from me for a while!

In last week’s post I looked at three ways the World Cup can teach us how to succeed in business. Here are three more.

Skills from Practice

Even an average player on the field at this year’s tournament has far more skill than the average Sunday league footballer, despite the occasional foolish error and the conviction of confirmed armchair critics.

The skills were built with repetitive practice, focus on the basics, and coaching by some of the best in the business.

This is exactly how you should be looking to build your skills online. Find a good coach, learn the basics and start filling your own will have experience with their guidance.

Cumulative Steps

Each run up the field, every kick of the ball contributes to the outcome of the match and each match outcome determines how well a team progresses. In sport and in business outcomes depend on the cumulative impact of lots of small steps.

For example, write 1000 words of content a day and that’s the equivalent of a Short Kindle book every week, or about 20 average sized Kindle books a year. That’s an awful lot of content from a regular task, and it’s just one example of how small, simple steps can produce an impressive outcome.

Team Work

Although there are some footballers that grab the limelight there is not a single footballer at the World Cup who can get a winners medal purely by their own efforts. From the management team to the physios, the sponsors and the coach drivers, everyone plays a part in moving the team forward.

Even if you work alone in your online business you will need a team to be successful. You will need people with expertise in areas where your skills and experience are not good enough. You will also find it useful to allocate basic or repetitive tasks to others while you concentrate on the parts of your business where you can make your best contribution.

Whether it’s getting placed in a group table or listed online, you can’t do it without teamwork.

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