How to provide valuable content

Providing valuable content online helps build relationships and establish you as an authority. Provide useful content on a regular basis and your readers will see you as a helpful marketer rather than one who is always talking about yourself or your products. To get yourself in this position you first need to identify what information […]

How to build a calendar for the next 90 days Part 2

Last week I described how you can start setting up a calendar to help keep your business on track for the next 90 days and beyond. Today I’m going to give you the steps to complete your calendar. Having put all the regular events onto your calendar, you next add those events that will not […]

4 Resources for Clear, Readable Blog Posts

This week I’m going to outline some resources that may make it easier to produce clear, readable blog posts. All of these are free. I hope you find them useful. 1. Blog Topics If you’re stuck for ideas for your next blog posts take a look at Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Enter some nouns that […]

A Trick That Can Speed Up Your Writing

If you are a content creator one of the biggest challenges is to remain productive. When writing articles or any piece of written content I used to edit as I went along. This is not the quickest way to produce content. The temptation to correct errors as you write will slow you down. It’s far […]

My Weekly Tasks – Anticipating Change As My Business Grows

I have a number of activities that I routinely do on a weekly schedule. However as I work on my membership site I’m trying to plan ahead so I can slot in the extra tasks I will need to complete when the site is live. So here’s a list of the things I do on […]

My Membership Site: First Steps

Having mind mapped an outline of the first six month’s content for my membership site it’s time to start building. One of the first things to organise is the graphics. Poor graphics can give a bad impression and dissuade people from joining so I’m outsourcing this particular task. I also want the PSD files and […]