My Weekly Tasks – Anticipating Change As My Business Grows

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I have a number of activities that I routinely do on a weekly schedule. However as I work on my membership site I’m trying to plan ahead so I can slot in the extra tasks I will need to complete when the site is live.

So here’s a list of the things I do on a weekly basis and those I expect I will be doing once I have released my front end and membership products. I may have overlooked some things, but hopefully you’ll find this of some help and relevance to your own business.

Current Weekly Activities

1. Write a new blog post.

Ideally I should be adding new content every week. Then I want to encourage visitors by announcing each new blog post on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Visit other important blogs, forums and Facebook groups and leave comments if possible.

Although it’s time-consuming and only works if I’m actively engaged, commenting is one of the best ways I’ve found to get some traffic to this site. I can also discover what people in my niche are talking about, their problems and where they need help. This can give me an opportunity to help and could be useful information for future products.

3. Find potential affiliates to help promote my products

I am currently populating a spreadsheet of potential affiliates and JV partners who I can approach once I release my products.

Of the above tasks I only anticipate possibly spending less time on the second. Hopefully affiliates and JV partners will increase traffic to my sites and I will not have to spend as much time on blog and forum commenting. However as they can be such good sources of information I will not stop that activity completely.

Future Additional Weekly Activities

1. Reuse blog post content to promote my blog.

This will depend on the amount of traffic I get from other sources, but one task for the future is to turn some of my blog posts into articles and then post them in ezine directories.

2. Create content to send to my list

With the release of my front end product and membership site I should start growing a list. That means I’ll need content for email sequences and broadcasts. I’ll also have to start reviewing products and tools to see if they will be of benefit to my list and worth my recommendation.

3. Create content for the membership site

Although the site will launch with one month’s content already prepared I will need to add to that content as time passes. This will need time to research and create. Although this may not need attending to every week it is definitely something I will have to make time for.

The above seems to be the least required. In addition to these recurring activities I will also be creating more products and attending to all the other tasks required to run an online business.

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