How to provide valuable content

Providing valuable content online helps build relationships and establish you as an authority. Provide useful content on a regular basis and your readers will see you as a helpful marketer rather than one who is always talking about yourself or your products.

To get yourself in this position you first need to identify what information is useful to your audience and what is not. You also need to provide information that is not being shared by everyone. Why would someone come to your site if all you’re showing is the same piano playing cat or what colour is this dress discussion as every other site?

Once you have solutions to these two challenges (I suggest a couple below) you need to have a set routine so you are finding and considering content to share on a regular basis. This could be a daily routine or you could do it on a weekly basis. If you have a routine, a system and some automation it’s more likely you’ll keep on top of curating good content for your readers. Depending on your audience you may want to post the content to different platforms or just concentrate on one.

You can use Feedly to collect RSS feeds from blogs in your niche that post useful content. You can also set up Google Alerts that will notify you when relevant content is published.

If you find useful links to information in emails you can set up the Pocket app on your phone, tablet or computer (see There is also a bookmarklet that you can put on Google Chrome so that whenever you find content of interest you can use the bookmarklet to add it to Pocket for later reading. This also means you can delete the email but still have a link to the useful content.

Have you any experience using the above tools or would you recommend others? Leave a comment to let us know.


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