Recovering from Traffic Flatline – Becoming More Sociable

In my last post I mentioned I was going to try to get more traffic from Facebook. With this objective in mind I have set up a Facebook fan page.

If you want to take a look you can find it here.

The idea is that not only can I start to build relationships with others interested in internet marketing, but I can also put a link to a blog post via my fan page and it will appear in every single one of my fan’s feeds. This is rather how an RSS feed operates, except the link appears on Facebook, a site people use far more often than any RSS reader.

Having set up the Page I now need people to become fans of my Page by Liking it. This essentially means they’ll be opting in to receive what I post on my Page. Now, the more fans you have the more likely it is that other people will Like the Page too. It’s a form of social proof. So I need to start building a fan base. I could use Fiverr to do this, but my understanding is the resulting fans are unlikely to be targeted. Apart from showing an impressive number of Likes on my Page this is a waste of time. I need real people who have a genuine interest in what I post and are likely to visit this blog too.

Soon I will start to invite my own Facebook friends and members of a couple of Facebook groups I belong to. There are a couple of other tactics I intend to use, but I’ll leave them for another post, when I’ve had a chance to evaluate how well they work.

As you can see I’ve also added a Like Box plugin in the sidebar. This will hopefully encourage my blog visitors to like my fan page too. There are a number of these plugins available but I’ve used one called ‘Facebook Fanbox (with CSS)’ because it automatically blends well with the appearance of a blog. Having said that I’m not sure it stands out very well, but that could be because as I write this there’s only one thumbnail picture shown – me! – which is rather pathetic, but hopefully the number of Likes will soon grow.

So in the next week or so I intend to grow the number of fans on my Facebook Page. I’m also considering adding a Facebook comments box below my posts. I could leave the current comment facility with Commentluv active too, but I think that could cause some confusion. One or the other would probably be neglected. So I’m thinking of disabling the current comment facility. What do you think?

I will be sending an email to my list asking them to Like my Page, and I’ll also add my Facebook Page details to my email signature.

So what do you think? Has Facebook worked for you in getting traffic? As always it would be great if you would leave a comment below and share your thoughts, feedback or progress.

Till next time .


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  1. Facebook can definitively help you get some traffic to your site and get people to follow what you are doing , but as with everything, you need a strategy and getting people to your page can sometimes be daunting.

    I just experimented a new gateway to cold traffic with a plugin we rewrote and it seems to be working fine in bringing people over.

    You can see it in action here : It really helps to welcome people to your activities .

    Wishing you good interaction on your new page ! Liane

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