10 Tips For Driving Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

You should be using images with your blog posts. You should also be using social media platforms appropriate to your audience and business. If that means it’s appropriate for you to be using Pinterest here are ten tips to help you drive more traffic to your blog. 1. Identify Useful Keywords Identify the keywords that […]

How to grow blog traffic with efficient blog hopping

Blog hopping (also known as blog commenting)is a traffic generating method where a blog owner visits other blogs in their niche, leaving comments on blog posts and getting links back to their own blog. The idea is to increase the links to their blog and get an increase in traffic. The great thing about this […]

The Mindset For Generating Free Traffic

There are a number of methods to get traffic to your website that work quite quickly. Unfortunately many of these require a financial investment. The versatility of the internet means there are ways to get traffic without any financial cost, but it usually means you have to put in more time and effort. Even on […]

Don’t be Everywhere Now, Stop Spreading Yourself so Thin and End Overwhelm

Last week I listened to a webinar that encouraged me to be “everywhere now”. The “be everywhere” idea says that you should try to be on as many platforms as possible to drive traffic. However, I don’t think this is necessarily the best advice. In fact, I believe it’s an example of the inappropriate advice […]

Where to Step Into the Traffic Stream

If you’ve been reading anything about making money either online or offline you would have come across the idea of finding a flow of money and stepping in front of that flow. There’s a similar philosophy with traffic. Instead of creating traffic or diverting it, you get your site into the stream. This usually means […]

Does Online Traffic Equal Cash?

One of the potential benefits of generating traffic is the opportunity to monetise your traffic flow. It’s true that, like any business, without any customers you don’t get sales. It’s also true that the more people who see your products the more people there should be to buy them. However, contrary to what some so-called […]

Free Incentive – Are You Offering One?

I signed up to a webinar earlier this week. Nothing unusual in that, I probably attend quite a few each month. But I was struck this time by the use of free incentives to encourage me to spread the word and get more traffic to the webinar sign-up page. Attracting people to a site using […]

Recovering from Traffic Flatline – Becoming More Sociable

In my last post I mentioned I was going to try to get more traffic from Facebook. With this objective in mind I have set up a Facebook fan page. If you want to take a look you can find it here. The idea is that not only can I start to build relationships with […]

Recovering from Traffic Flatline – Another 7 Days

Last week I outlined my initial response to receiving no traffic to my blog for a full 7 days, something I have called traffic flatline. Since my last post I have added some features to the blog to encourage interaction and retention of visitors. If you look at the right of the page, below the […]


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