How to choose great blog topics that increase readership

Deciding on the type of content you’re going to post can be crucial to the success of your blog. Often this can become a choice between posting evergreen content or a post about a hot, currently trending topic. Evergreen Posts Evergreen content is material that will usually be good for many months or even years, […]

How To Avoid Suffering The Loss Of Your Online Business

Imagine you have a website that receives a good supply of traffic, converts a decent percentage of those visitors to customers and provides your bank account with a healthy stream of income. Now imagine that the website, its domain name, and all the email accounts connected to the site disappear in an instant and you […]

Content marketing – Questions you should ask before creating anything

Some advice I was given just before one of my first exhibition meetings was to pretend I was wearing a T-shirt that did not say ‘what can I sell to you?’ but ‘how can I help you?’ Content marketing is a means of communicating with your customers and prospects without attempting to sell to them. […]

Providing The Content Your Audience Needs

Your audience will always want content. As technology and the internet evolves the needs and expectations of your audience will evolve too. If you want to remain relevant and be sucessful you are going to have to evolve with them. Below are some points to check that your content is what your audience needs. Your […]

Have I Discovered That Questions In Headlines Work Best?

I noticed that my last three post headlines included questions. It wasn’t planned that way, but it did get me wondering if questions work best. The best headlines capture the reader’s attention, are appropriate for the content in the article or blog post, and set clear expectations for the readers. In other words, if the […]

How to grow blog traffic with efficient blog hopping

Blog hopping (also known as blog commenting)is a traffic generating method where a blog owner visits other blogs in their niche, leaving comments on blog posts and getting links back to their own blog. The idea is to increase the links to their blog and get an increase in traffic. The great thing about this […]


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