Recovering from Traffic Flatline – Another 7 Days

Last week I outlined my initial response to receiving no traffic to my blog for a full 7 days, something I have called traffic flatline.

Since my last post I have added some features to the blog to encourage interaction and retention of visitors. If you look at the right of the page, below the opt-in form you’ll see I’ve set up an RSS feed. It’s so long since I’ve done this that I had to go hunting for help and found some easy to follow instructions here. I’m not sure how many people are likely to use the facility, but if I don’t set it up I’ll never find out.

I’ve also added two other features. CommentLuv allows anyone leaving a comment to include a link to their own most recent blog post, and I have also installed the Select Sociable plugin, which produces the sharing buttons below each post. I also intended to have a tell a friend plugin but discovered that the one I planned to use has an out of date security certificate and opens a warning window when used. Not exactly what I was aiming for so I deleted it and have yet to find a recommended alternative.

To get traffic I’ve continued to post on forums and blogs. After publishing last week’s update I posted a link to it in my Facebook account and in a couple of Facebook Groups I am in. They are both internet marketing related so I was hoping the links would attract some interest. I monitored any comments to my blog posts and replied to those that were not spam.

I also emailed my list letting them know that my traffic had flatlined and invited them here to see how I was responding and what was working.

So if that’s what I’ve done what results am I getting?

Below are my Google Analytics stats for 18th November – 4th December. The patient is no longer dead, but hardly a picture of health!

Google Analytics of traffic results

The top three traffic sources are organic Google searches, then direct click throughs, then Facebook. The remainder come from blogs I have left comments on. There has also been one visitor each from Stumbleupon and the Warrior Forum. As you can see there was a peak of 22 visitors last Thursday after I announced my blog post to the Facebook groups and my email list. You can also see that traffic is still dropping to zero when I don’t maintain forum and blog commenting.

My plan for the coming week is to persevere with commenting and bookmarking. However these methods are less than ideal and may be dropped if I can get alternatives to work. One alternative is Facebook. My results show it can help build a spike in traffic and everyone says its a great traffic source and too big to ignore, so it seems wrong not to attempt to leverage it somehow.

I hope you’re finding this useful. If you’re shadowing what I’m doing or finding your own ways to grow traffic to your site it would be great if you would leave a comment below and let me know your story, thoughts or feedback.

I’ll post another update next week.


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  1. hi David,

    You gotta keep at it. I find if you create a post in the warrior forum this will drive traffic. Of course it has to add value and be very readable. generally the longer the posts the more comments and interaction you will get.
    Also set your self a target of commenting on 10 blogs a day for a week or similar. And monitor the traffic….all the best….Rob

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the advice. I’ve generally been posting just a couple of short paragraphs on the Warrior Forum so I’ll look to make them more substantial from now on.

  2. Hey David, maybe the site hadn’t flatlined, it was just hibernating 😉

    So which Forums are you posting in, which ones are working? Have you tried to join a few more Facebook groups? Obviously you can get quite a bit of traffic from the groups which focus on commenting on each others Blogs. It is good for social proof etc, which Google likes when it comes to ranking your site.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Scott,

      I’ve registered with a few forums but only really found regular opportunities to post in the Warrior Forum. I’ve joined a couple of extra Facebook groups and registering with more is on my to do list. Following your comment I’ll keep an eye out for those focused on blog commenting. Thanks.

  3. Hi David

    As an internet marketer we all know the importance of traffic. It is the life blood of our business.

    You are going about it the right way and putting it out there.

    To YOUR success


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