Common Info Product Mistakes For Beginners

Many people enter the information product niche full of hope, expectation, and excitement. Often they haven’t taken the time to gather and understand the data surrounding their chosen niche or have a clear plan on how they will make a sustainable income. Some will misunderstand or ignore the relevant facts and accepted wisdom and end […]

Providing The Content Your Audience Needs

Your audience will always want content. As technology and the internet evolves the needs and expectations of your audience will evolve too. If you want to remain relevant and be sucessful you are going to have to evolve with them. Below are some points to check that your content is what your audience needs. Your […]

Can PLR Products Help You Accelerate Your Business Growth?

Private label rights (PLR) products offer a tempting opportunity to gather content that you can use in your business. It is content you can purchase that usually includes the rights to present it as your own work. They are usually in the form of ebooks, images, slideshows, and even video. The quality of PLR material […]

Hook and Promise – The Foundation of Your Effective Marketing Message

If you’ve ever found it difficult to create an effective sales letter, sales video, or opt-in message here is a new perspective that can help you make them more relevant to your market, increase the value you are offering, and make more sales or get more opt-ins. Whatever your marketing message is it will be […]

What is Creative Commons?

A creative commons licence can allow you to use content that has already been created and incorporate it into your own work. Anything that is created is automatically protected by copyright. That means every piece of audio, video and text content you see online is already protected, unless someone has waived the copyright. Copyright dictates […]

How to provide valuable content

Providing valuable content online helps build relationships and establish you as an authority. Provide useful content on a regular basis and your readers will see you as a helpful marketer rather than one who is always talking about yourself or your products. To get yourself in this position you first need to identify what information […]

Infomarketing – The 10 Commandments

Over the Easter weekend I found myself wondering if there could be 10 commandments for infomarketing. Yes, I know Moses is not connected to Easter, other than also being mentioned in the Bible, and Old Testament movies sneaking into the Easter weekend schedules. Anyway, here’s my attempt at some infomarketing commandments. What do you think? […]

4 Resources for Clear, Readable Blog Posts

This week I’m going to outline some resources that may make it easier to produce clear, readable blog posts. All of these are free. I hope you find them useful. 1. Blog Topics If you’re stuck for ideas for your next blog posts take a look at Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Enter some nouns that […]


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