Decisions When Building Your Product: To Ponder or to Pass?

A successful business is built on good decisions. Like the foundations of a house, decisions can affect the future stability and resilience of the whole structure. This is why sometimes it can be so difficult to make a decision. Knowing that choosing to follow one path in favour of many others can have far reaching […]

Profit Hacks – An Opportunity to Learn to Launch

If you don’t recognise the diagram here it may be time to stand back and take a good look at your business. It comes from the Internet Business Manifesto, a report issued some years ago by Rich Schefren. It essentially shows how the majority of internet businesses are organized, with too many tasks being handled […]

Two Resources to Speed up Your Writing

When I first started in internet marketing back in 2004 there was a lot to do. Even after researching and writing my first ebook I still had to setup a website, open a Clickbank account and drive traffic. There was search engine optimisation to setup and there were articles to write. Although it was all […]

What Use Is Unmeasured Failure?

See what I’m doing with the title here? Most internet marketers put a positive spin on everything and give the impression that their efforts always go to plan. Every product makes their customers thousands, all of their email campaigns get excellent responses and their productivity and income are on a continual upward trend. Meanwhile in […]