Two Resources to Speed up Your Writing

When I first started in internet marketing back in 2004 there was a lot to do. Even after researching and writing my first ebook I still had to setup a website, open a Clickbank account and drive traffic.

There was search engine optimisation to setup and there were articles to write. Although it was all new to me at the time, looking back things seemed so much simpler.

Today there is the whole realm of social media and social networking to add to the list. Video marketing has grown to be another area you cannot really ignore. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other sites have been added to the list of resources that can help you spread your message.

There are also far more blogs and forums to interact with and more competition for the attention of your potential audience.

All of this means you have to put in more work to produce more content and spread it further and wider. More than ever there is a need to be more organized and more efficient.

It’s quite possible that the next big growth area in internet marketing is the provision of services, tactics and software to streamline and speed up content creation and syndication.

For those starting out in internet marketing who cannot afford their own full-time employees there have always been two solutions: outsourcing and software.

About three years ago I realized that my typing was too slow for the rate at which I wanted to create content.

When I sat down to write my typing started out quite accurate. However as time at the keyboard passed it was as if my fingers grew thicker. I no longer hit the keys I was aiming for but instead too often pressed the letters adjacent to the ones I wanted. As I typed with two hands letters often appeared in the wrong order as frequently one hand was too fast for the other.

To this day I rarely type the word peopel, sorry, people correctly!

My solution was to buy voice recognition software. I did this with some trepidation as I had used some before without much success. However accuracy has improved immeasurably since the late 1990s.

At this moment I am not typing this blog post. I am speaking it into a headset microphone and using Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10. Version 12 was released this August and if you’re interested in purchasing it I suggest you keep an eye on the price at Amazon UK. Apparently it’ll be on special offer during part of November.

If you find you are frequently typing the same phrases or paragraphs you should also take a look at text expander software. This enables you to type just a couple of letters and let the software type an entire message for you.

Once you have set it up this can be useful if you want to leave the same message on several websites or if you want to repeat a message to several people with only minor personalised changes.

For a pc version of a text expander take a look at Breevy. If you are a Mac user  TextExpander will be of more interest. Both have free trials.

Are there any tactics, shortcuts or software you use to streamline your online productivity? Perhaps you’d like to share your recommendations below.

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