File-Sharing: The Potential Dangers

Today we can share information via email, social media and file-sharing programs. Most of these methods move information from one computer to another rather than from a central server. If you use a file-sharing or peer-to-peer program the settings you use determine which files are shared and can also schedule when they are shared. If […]

Is That Shiny Object Or Webinar Worth Your Attention?

One of the reasons a purchase can turn out to be a shiny object or attending a webinar a waste of time is that the material is designed for a stage in your business’s growth you haven’t reached yet. It’s no use digging into case studies of how big brands use their reputation and social […]

The Future Is Mobile – Are You Prepared?

Last month Ofcom released the 2015 Communications Market Report. It reveals the continuing changes in how we in the UK access the internet. Desktops account for 14% of internet access, 30% use laptops (it was 40% just last year), 19% use tablets to access the internet, and smart phones are the largest group with 33% […]

30 Day Challenge – Are You Up For One?

There are a number of 30 Day challenges available – fitness related, dieting, story writing, detox, even one for the bedroom (although part of that challenge is to sometimes take it out of the bedroom). There are a number of challenges in the internet marketing niche too. It’s possible the concept of a 30 day […]

Quick Start Challenge Review

The Quick Start Challenge started four weeks ago (see my post Quick Start Challenge – Is it too challenging?) and finished in the early hours of this morning with a bonus webinar. As promised here is a review. The Challenge Each week consisted of a webinar that ran for at least 90 minutes. If you […]

Upsells – Why would I be in the Inner Circle when I can’t even get out of the loop?

The concept of upsells and downsells has been around for a long time. The usual example given to explain an upsell is when the person behind the counter at McDonalds would ask if you “want fries with that?” It’s an opportunity to offer more value in exchange for a little extra money. However it seems […]

Resilience – do you believe in your business?

I recently finished reading Resilience: How to Restore and Keep Faith in Yourself and Your Business Idea by Fraser J. Hay and Elsabe Smit. The book is dedicated to those who choose to pursue their dreams of self-employment. Its purpose is to help those people deal with the emotional issues that can arise from such […]

How Trustworthy is a Trustmark?

When people shop online they should be checking the websites they visit for signs that they are trustworthy. A few years ago Econsultancy reported that a Cybersource survey found that 85% of UK online shoppers look for signs that the website they are considering buying from is secure. When visiting a website shoppers can check […]