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If content is king on the internet then any method that can help you produce content will be useful. Perhaps it would be ideal if we could leave this job to software that would automatically write for us. However the fact of the matter is automation is not yet up to the job. You only have to read a spun article to realise this.

This means if you want to produce good quality content you will have to get it written by a human being. You could outsource this. However, you may not be in a position to hire a writer right now or may not trust someone else to produce the content you want. This means having to write it yourself.

Ideally you want to be able to regularly produce quality content with speed and accuracy while avoiding writer’s block.

The first challenge to writing content is getting started. Many professional writers and authors have a daily routine in which they flex their writing muscles. They sit down and force themselves to start writing.

For this exercise the content doesn’t matter. If you cannot think of a topic to write about, start writing about the fact you cannot think of a topic. Don’t worry about mistakes, grammar and spelling. Just write at least 500 words, even if it doesn’t make much sense. Quality content is not the objective here. You are getting your mind to limber up in preparation. If you find you have written something useful you can continue or save it for later, otherwise just delete the document and start producing the content you need. You’ll find this free association writing will help you get started.

Find the best time for you to write. Minimise distractions during this period. Everyone writes differently. Find your own time, your own way and create your own routine and habits.

To help me with ideas for content I bookmark any articles, blog posts or websites that suggest topics to me and I always carry a notebook and pen to capture thoughts and ideas. You may prefer to use an electronic notepad or a voice recorder, but I have found old-fashioned pen and paper are quicker and more flexible.

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