The Mindset For Generating Free Traffic

IM Myth: Traffic for freeThere are a number of methods to get traffic to your website that work quite quickly. Unfortunately many of these require a financial investment. The versatility of the internet means there are ways to get traffic without any financial cost, but it usually means you have to put in more time and effort. Even on the world wide web there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

This means that although you don’t need a sackful of cash you will need the proper mindset. Generating more traffic for your site will take long-term drive and perseverance.

That’s why I want to look at the approach or mindset you need to have to make these methods successful.

The first thing to realise is that it may take time. Unless you know and can work with some online marketers who are already successful, building a decent flow of traffic without spending money is not a push button business. Don’t believe you’ll be in your swimwear on the beach overseeing an online empire by the end of the month.

Producing written content requires at least a basic ability to write. Don’t become overwhelmed by the thought you have to be well read or able to write a book of publishable standard. You need to be able to communicate. That means if you can imagine sitting down with a friend and discussing the topic, you can write well enough for a blog or Facebook post or YouTube script. Just make sure you don’t make basic grammatical or spelling errors in anything people are going to read. The most common mistake I see on the internet is the misuse of the words it’s and its, and there, their and they’re.

Your material needs to be interesting and entertaining. This comes with practice and experience. Finding your own voice really does happen, but may take some time.

People expect to be reading something written by a person who knows their subject. That requires you to adopt the mindset of an expert. This does not mean you have to know everything about everything connected to a subject, but it does mean you have to know more than your reader. You also need the confidence that such expertise would give you.

Think back to when you were at school. A teacher at the front of a class rarely seemed unsure about their subject. Your history teacher would never have said the second world war started about 1940. Your science teacher would not have told you Newton might have discovered the law of gravity. You need to have equal certainty about your subject. Never use the words perhaps or maybe. When writing an article or post you are the teacher now. Have confidence in your knowledge of your subject.

You should take a similar approach when interacting on forums and online communities. You are likely to be communicating with a certain group or demographic that has a more than average interest and knowledge in a topic. You need to establish your credentials as an expert so look out for posts where you can offer an insight. Remember, one of your objectives for taking part in forums and other online commuities is to build trust and a reputation for your expertise, knowledge and insight.

Most of the above boils down to having a belief in yourself and the methods you are using to generate traffic. Be sure of your sources of information and realise that no matter how inexperienced you may feel, you have a unique and valid take on your topic. Remember, even a newbie has a point of view that others can find helpful.

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