Could Facebook Instant Articles neuter your content marketing?

Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) is a new mobile format developed by Facebook and made available to everyone last week. It allows your readers on Facebook to access your content instantly without leaving Facebook, using the Facebook mobile app. It’s quicker and more mobile friendly than linking to a website and Facebook believe if readers can […]

Six Free and Useful Keyword Research Tools To Get More Traffic

In last week’s post (How to distinguish between great and useless keywords) I wrote about the importance of keyword research in identifying useful keywords. This week I want to suggest some free non-Google resources that can help you with keyword research that you may not be aware of. Seed Keywords I’ll start with an unusual […]

How To Distinguish Between Great And Useless Keywords

In simpler times keywords were a specific word or two that people searched for and you could rank for if you stuffed them into sentences until the keyword density was right. Now there’s long-tail keywords, semantic search, and an unknown number of other factors in the algorithm. Many have found it all so complex that […]

10 Tips For Driving Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

You should be using images with your blog posts. You should also be using social media platforms appropriate to your audience and business. If that means it’s appropriate for you to be using Pinterest here are ten tips to help you drive more traffic to your blog. 1. Identify Useful Keywords Identify the keywords that […]

How to grow blog traffic with efficient blog hopping

Blog hopping (also known as blog commenting)is a traffic generating method where a blog owner visits other blogs in their niche, leaving comments on blog posts and getting links back to their own blog. The idea is to increase the links to their blog and get an increase in traffic. The great thing about this […]

On Page SEO – Does Yours Need a Tune Up?

On page SEO today is a lot different from what it was just a few years ago. Today Google is looking for good quality content, good navigation, and a focus on helpful content rather than space given over to promotion and advertising. Social media has also become an increasingly important ranking factor. If you haven’t […]

Are You Optimising Traffic From This Email Message?

Emails offer a great opportunity to generate traffic to your website. The most common method is to include a link within the body of the message you are sending out, but there are other opportunities too. The most obvious is to include links to your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts after your signature at the […]

The Mindset For Generating Free Traffic

There are a number of methods to get traffic to your website that work quite quickly. Unfortunately many of these require a financial investment. The versatility of the internet means there are ways to get traffic without any financial cost, but it usually means you have to put in more time and effort. Even on […]

Don’t be Everywhere Now, Stop Spreading Yourself so Thin and End Overwhelm

Last week I listened to a webinar that encouraged me to be “everywhere now”. The “be everywhere” idea says that you should try to be on as many platforms as possible to drive traffic. However, I don’t think this is necessarily the best advice. In fact, I believe it’s an example of the inappropriate advice […]

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