Now You’ve Started Will You Finish?

Start13If you spent the last days of 2012 planning you should have already decided what you intend to focus on this year. You’ll know where you’ll be putting most of your energy, the destination you’re aiming for and a good idea of the route you’ll take to get there.

It’s as if the vehicle that’s taking you through 2013 is sitting on the driveway, checked, packed and ready to go.

Now it’s time to start the engine, and at this time of year I’ll bet most people are focused on starting. Leaving behind what they didn’t like about previous years and motoring off towards the things they would rather be, have or experience.

Yet it would seem starting is not the most challenging part of a project. For example, many make a start on their new year resolutions, but it seems the majority have abandoned them before the end of the month.

So although now is the time to start perhaps we should be looking at how we can make the starting count. How are we going to maintain momentum once the initial enthusiasm starts to wane?

Here’s a few steps I’ve taken.

I had targets for each of the last six months of 2012. They were in a nice neat table within a Word document. Trouble is after a while I stopped opening the document on a regular basis. Consequently I didn’t always have my main targets at the front of my mind and failed to achieve some of my goals. Sometimes we’re so used to working at a keyboard that we overlook the benefits of hard copy.

So this year I have my goals and targets on display, not hidden on a page in a diary or in a computer file I’ll eventually forget to open every day. They’re printed on a sheet of paper and placed where I’ll see them every time I sit down to work. They’ll be there to motivate me to work or continue to work or both.

Another step I have taken is to get an accountability partner. Starting next week we should be speaking on Skype for at least a half hour and repeating this weekly. The power of accountability is underrated but if you can use it to keep you on target it can help you maintain momentum towards your goals.

Another step is to declare your goals publicly. You could do this on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, in a forum, or even email some people you know. This may take a bit of courage, but there’s nothing like putting your pride and self-image at risk to motivate you!

My two main goals this year are to launch a front end product (finally!) and to start a membership site.

So keep your targets and goals where you’ll see them every day, announce them on your blog, on Facebook, and so on, and get yourself an accountability partner.

It’s all very well posting rousing “let’s make this a great year” statements on Facebook or a blog, but taking steps to keep going as the initial new year euphoria fades will make a greater difference to the results you get.

Have you taken steps to maintain momentum? Is there something that has worked for you in the past?

If you want to take a first step towards accountability add a comment declaring the one thing you are committed to achieving this year.

Let’s get started, plan to keep going and here’s to a prosperous and fulfilling 2013.


6 responses to “Now You’ve Started Will You Finish?”

  1. Hey David,

    Wow my man, I’m really impressed from this post because normally I can add something to the articles I read but not this time since you’ve covered everything I could think of!

    I went through the same problems when I had my to-do lists online, I just stopped going to that site and before I knew it, I wasn’t making any progress anymore because I just forgot about going through those lists.

    Now I’m back to old school organizing, pen and paper, calendars on the wall, whiteboards on the wall, notebook by my keyboard, you get the idea.

    Literally writing down my activities and having them right here visible at all times, is almost impossible for me to not go through these tasks.

    Also, being able to cross over whatever gets accomplish, gives me a great feeling that I just don’t get when I do it online.

    I hope this 2013 you’re ready to go and reach all of your business goals, looks like we’re on the same boat since I’m about to launch my first product as well and then a membership site after that but first things first right?

    Take care and all the best David, go get ’em! 😉


    • Hi Sergio,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Sometimes I think the wizardry of electronics makes us lose sight of what’s really best for the job. Old school can sometimes be better. That’s why despite the progress in hand held electronics I still carry a small notepad and pen. It’s just quicker for me to scribble some notes than tapping on a miniature keyboard.

  2. Hi David
    I can relate to your post, I now have vowed to write things on a notepad/sheet of paper to have in front of me so I can see it every day as I was like yourself last year not going to the site to see my to do list, it’s so easy to get out of the habit if it is not in front of you.
    I always carry a notepad when I am out for jotting down any ideas that come into my head, I can sometimes be in the checkout at the supermarket and have to write something down LOL
    My husband is all about electronic notes but I am more old fashioned and like good old pen & paper..
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks for commenting. I believe if you go for something that you find easy to use you’re more likely to use it well. Until they come up with a handheld device with perfect voice recognition I think I’ll be sticking with pen and paper too!

  3. Hi David,

    2013 is definitely going to be a year of action. I spent most of 2012 learning a preparing. I too will shortly be launching a front end product (finally!) and starting a membership site.

    I tried an accountability partner but they weren’t reliable. Perhaps I should get another one in a more similar situation.

    This year I need to focus more and be distracted less.

    Here’s to both our successes in 2013


    • Hi Roger,

      More focus and less distraction sounds like a good goal for me too. I definitely need to be completing tasks quicker and more consistently.

      Picking accountability partners and mentors can be tricky. You definitely need ones on the same path as yourself and that use methods you find acceptable. It’s a question of trial and error or listening out for some recommendations.


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