How To Be More Successful At Making Money Online

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to make money online for some time there are two questions to ask yourself. Why have you not yet achieved that goal? What have you been doing to make yourself the amount of money you want and reach your goals? If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over […]

Finding It Hard To Take Action? Try The 10 X Rule

The basic premise of the 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone is if you multiply by ten times what you believe is possible in your life and consequently multiply by ten the actions you are willing to take you are more likely to make that vision a reality. Cardone suggests there are four ways we […]

30 Day Challenge – Are You Up For One?

There are a number of 30 Day challenges available – fitness related, dieting, story writing, detox, even one for the bedroom (although part of that challenge is to sometimes take it out of the bedroom). There are a number of challenges in the internet marketing niche too. It’s possible the concept of a 30 day […]

Resilience – do you believe in your business?

I recently finished reading Resilience: How to Restore and Keep Faith in Yourself and Your Business Idea by Fraser J. Hay and Elsabe Smit. The book is dedicated to those who choose to pursue their dreams of self-employment. Its purpose is to help those people deal with the emotional issues that can arise from such […]

Persistence – How to nurture this important ability?

It can be argued that businesses don’t fail because of obstacles, they fail when they stop trying to overcome those obstacles. In my opinion one of the most important abilities an entrepreneur needs to be successful is persistence. The ability to keep going even in the face of repeated setbacks. Churchill once said “Success consists […]

Choose Yourself – A Review

Choose Yourself by James Altucher was written shortly after the recession and it shows. The impact of that economic event is seen as the point where the middle class start to die out, technology begins replacing you and it becomes obvious your employer never wanted you anyway. Essentially he is saying that a job is […]

7 Steve Jobs Quotes an Internet Marketer Can Relate To

Steve Jobs would have been 60 today. I’m sure there are going to be many words written about his impact on the world of technology, his approach to innovation, and maybe even what he was like to work with. I don’t feel I’m qualified to comment on any of these, but over the years I […]

One month gone – are you still on track?

So how did January work out? Hit all your targets? Have you completed 1/12th of your plan for this year? It’s about this time of year that New Year Resolutions are abandoned, business plans falter, and reality starts to peel away from the bright, upward course you had planned. So if you haven’t yet sat […]

Overcome your Hardest Challenges with a Military Strategy

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a pivotal event in English history that saw Harold, King of England defeated and power go to the invading Norman forces and their leader, William the Conqueror. There are a number of memorable aspects related to the events leading up to the battle and to the […]


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