Can PLR Products Help You Accelerate Your Business Growth?

Private label rights (PLR) products offer a tempting opportunity to gather content that you can use in your business. It is content you can purchase that usually includes the rights to present it as your own work. They are usually in the form of ebooks, images, slideshows, and even video. The quality of PLR material has improved greatly over the last ten years and at first it may seem a great way to almost instantly have your own products to sell and hence grow your business. But it’s not as straightforward as it may seem.

The Right PLR For The Right Need

Even if you are not using PLR you still have to identify a niche you can serve and come up with ideas for content that the niche will be hungry for. Most PLR producers keep to the most popular niches like weight loss, making money online, and dating. Even when you find material you can use you still ahev to fit it into your marketing and present it correctly to your audience. If you want to work in a more obscure niche it’s less likely you will find much PLR material.

You also need any PLR products you find to be of good quality. There was a time when most PLR was poorly written, with awful grammar and terrible formatting. Today these English-as-a-second-or-third-language written products have been replaced by better quality material. However they may not cover content that matches the product ideas you want to sell, or they may be so affordably priced that a great number of publishers in your niche also purchase and use it. You either have to find PLR that has a limited availability or is so expensive that it disuades others from buying. If the PLR is expensive it may be better to pay ghost writers to create your product.


Once you purchase the PLR material it’s important to package it in a new way. Don’t use it exactly as it is supplied. Most people are lazy. The largest group of people who buy the same PLR content as you will probably not even use it. The second largest group will just put it online as quickly as possible with no alterations, hoping to make a quick buck. To make it unique to your business you have to reorganize it, add to it, and personalise it. This will take time, but it does mean you will have a product that is more suited to your business and your audience.

Use as research material

Instead of creating a product directly you can use PLR material as the starting point for your information product. Used as research material it is much better than a blank page and can help get the creative juices flowing.

In conclusion PLR content can speed up the process of product creation, but not as much as some may think. It can be really helpful if you are currently spending all your time creating content and have little opportunity to work on other areas of building your business. It can save you time in research, writing and editing, but it certainly is not a push-button get rich quick method. It can be a starting point, but there is still work to be done if you want to create a good quality, unique product that can hold its own in the market.

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