How to provide valuable content

Providing valuable content online helps build relationships and establish you as an authority. Provide useful content on a regular basis and your readers will see you as a helpful marketer rather than one who is always talking about yourself or your products. To get yourself in this position you first need to identify what information […]

How to build a calendar for the next 90 days Part 2

Last week I described how you can start setting up a calendar to help keep your business on track for the next 90 days and beyond. Today I’m going to give you the steps to complete your calendar. Having put all the regular events onto your calendar, you next add those events that will not […]

How to build a calendar for the next 90 days Part 1

You can make the most of the coming year by being prepared, and one of the best ways to prepare is to have a calendar that maps out your ambitions for the next 12 months. This could be a physical calendar (board mounted that folds in the middle is best), or you can use a […]

The Advantages of Creating Authority Content

If you’ve been writing a blog for any length of time it’s likely you would have reached a point where you seemed to have exhausted all your ideas for blog topics. One of the ways you can approach this problem is to brainstorm a list of topics you want to feature on your blog. Another […]

4 Resources for Clear, Readable Blog Posts

This week I’m going to outline some resources that may make it easier to produce clear, readable blog posts. All of these are free. I hope you find them useful. 1. Blog Topics If you’re stuck for ideas for your next blog posts take a look at Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Enter some nouns that […]

7 Tips for Creating Content

One of the challenges of producing content is to always have something to write. But what can you do when your mind has gone blank and you seem to have no inspiration at all? Even the best authors suffer writer’s block. Luckily there are some strategies you can use to overcome this problem. 1. Have […]

Learning from Spelling and Grammatical Errors

I remember an email I read years ago from Ryan Deiss in which he said he did not care how many spelling mistakes or grammatical errors were in his work, he was too busy creating products and making money. Although I could see his point, it struck me as a little arrogant and completely missing […]

Is Your Traffic Informing Your Website?

Have you noticed how stores often change displays, move goods around, and put impulse items beside the checkouts? These changes are often the result of analysing customer traffic and studying behavioral patterns to understand how consumers shop. As a website owner, you need to study your visitor traffic as well in order to increase sales, […]

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