On Page SEO – Does Yours Need a Tune Up?

On Page SEO H1 tagsOn page SEO today is a lot different from what it was just a few years ago. Today Google is looking for good quality content, good navigation, and a focus on helpful content rather than space given over to promotion and advertising. Social media has also become an increasingly important ranking factor.

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the latest changes it could well be time to update your on page SEO. So what are the basic changes you should be looking at?

Title Tags

Your title tag is still by far the most important tag on the page. It should have your primary keyword inside and if you have to mention a brand name make sure it’s after your post title. The second most important tag is the H1 tag and again if possible have a keyword in that tag as well. Other tags you put on the page are less important now, but the use of alt tags on images are still good practice.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is another important factor in on page SEO. It will help keep people on your website, which will reduce your bounce rate and increase the time people spend on your site, which in turn will help boost your rankings. Good internal linking also helps spread your ‘link juice’ and page rank throughout the site. Ideally you want to link to other pages and sites from within your content, not just in sidebars.


Don’t overdo the amount of advertising on your site. Google now uses content space versus ad space as a ranking factor. Also make sure you have some social media buttons on your site, both for good SEO reasons and for more social media traffic.

As far as a content goes Google now prefers in-depth, useful content, so try to provide good, high quality content that solves a problem and creates a resource that people want to read.

Finally if possible add an image or two to your content. It helps improve your site quality as well as attracting and keeping people’s interest.

If you haven’t taken a look at your on page SEO recently have a look at the five or ten pages of your site that get the most traffic and start incorporating these best practices if you haven’t already done so.

4 responses to “On Page SEO – Does Yours Need a Tune Up?”

  1. Hi David

    Thanks for those pointers. Useful tips. It’s good that Google is rewarding more useful sites than primarily advertisement sites.

    It always amazes me when people don’t have social media sharing buttons on their sites, because I tend not to do much sharing unless there’s an easy button to use. Lazy so …. make it easy for me 🙂


    • Ha ha, yes, one of the ‘bibles’ of web design is a book called ‘Don’t Make Me Think’. If you want to encourage a site visitor to do something, make it easy for them.

      Thanks for your comment.


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