Giving Giveaways Another Go

Giveaway events are where internet marketers allow prospects to download a product as a free gift (usually an ebook, a membership or software) in exchange for their contact details via an opt-in form.

The gifts are pooled together on one event site and every product contributor then recommends the Giveaway Event to their own mailing lists. Done correctly this results in lots of visitors going to the event site and lots of people joining lists.

Before you join an Event as a gift contributor you should have prepared four things.

  1. A gift to give away.
  2. A squeeze page where your prospects can opt-in.
  3. A download page where they can get your gift.
  4. At least one or two messages set up in an autoresponder for your prospects to receive once they have opted in.

I tried this back in 2010 but ran into the Catch-22 problem of not having a list or knowing other potential contributors to promote to. The gift listings in these Events can run to over ten pages and most Giveaway Events will place your gift in the earlier pages the more promotion you do.

Consequently this can be a slow-start method of list building. If you don’t already have a list and therefore no one to promote to your gift ends up in the later pages that are not always visited.

It can be a little frustrating but you have to remember that everyone started with a list of zero.

Remember, starting small will give you small results, but try to concentrate on growing daily and focus on the bigger picture. You’ll get there faster by following good advice and leveraging what you have.

If you’re interested in Giveaway Events you can find a list of upcoming events here.

If you have any comments or experience of Giveaways I’d love to hear from you.


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