Giveaways – Now and Then

As I’ve mentioned before I tried building a list using Giveaways back in 2010. At the time I was advised to use PLR products or ones that had Master Resell Rights, and not to pay to upgrade until I had about 50 people on my list.

This year I’m trying again and I’ve turned the above advice on its head.

I’ve written my own book to offer as a giveaway and I’ve started to pay for one or two upgrades. This means I can list more than one product and can also set up ads and special offers.

So, has it made a difference?

In 2010 I tried Giveaways for nearly two months, taking part in five events. This year I’ve been involved in nine Giveaways in just over three weeks. Five of them are still running and there are more starting in the next few weeks. (There’s definitely more being run than two years ago, which we can take as a testament to their effectiveness in list building.)

Below you can see part of a screenshot from my Aweber account where this year’s giveaway list is in blue, just above my 2010 list.

Equal subscriber results

Since I’ve equalled the results I had two years ago in less than half the time it seems this year’s tactics are the ones to go with.

If you’re involved in or thinking of taking part in Giveaways I hope this little insight has been useful.


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