A Key to Giveaway Success?

To date I have taken part in eleven Giveaway events, offering my IM Cycle ebook (the one you can get at the right of this page) in exchange for contact details. In one of the events I had the opportunity to enter another product so I added an ebook related to using PLR content.

The results so far: fourteen people have signed up for the IM Cycle book and only one for the PLR content book. Not exactly outstanding results but we all have to start somewhere.

Last week I joined another giveaway event. This one has a social media focus so the ebooks I have to offer were not quite appropriate. Having seen what was popular on previous events I decided to create something related to Pinterest. However there are a number of ebooks available on the topic already so I decided to try something different.

I produced what I am calling the Pinterest Kit. This is a collection of 30 images that people can use with their blog posts and also put on Pinterest to get some traffic. Rather like the image I used with last weeks post.

The Social Media Giveaway Event started on Monday. I acquired ten confirmed subscribes in less than 24 hours. That has risen to 17 by today with no unsubscribes. In other words I have more than doubled my list in only four days.

So why am I getting more subscribers? Well I believe it’s because firstly I targeted a topic that’s popular at the moment. Secondly I provided something different, not just another ebook. Thirdly what I did provide was of practical use. The kit is a resource that can be used immediately and that has identified some blog post topics that should be of interest to readers. It also includes details of the method I used to create the images so they can make their own.

With these points in mind I’ll be brainstorming other resources I could offer in subsequent giveaway events. This is basically how you build a business. Notice what’s working and focus on increasing the value you offer to improve your results.

Have you experienced this chain of events where you tried something different, noticed it getting results and then focused on it? How has it helped your online business? I’d love to hear how you’ve progressed online and how you are doing.


P.S. If you’d like a copy of the Pinterest Kit just go here

2 responses to “A Key to Giveaway Success?”

  1. I used giveaway events to start my list but it’s now grown so I use ad swaps. One thing I found made a big difference is paying to make your product a featured product so its shown to visitors often.

    • Good advice Daniel. Thanks for your comment.

      I was told not to do this back in 2010 but now it seems you have to give your product a higher profile to succeed.


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