The OptimizePress 2.0 Launch

Has your inbox taken a pounding this past week from all the marketers trying to promote OptimizePress 2.0? Well, brace yourself because it’s not over yet.

Some marketers have asked their list what they should be offering as a bonus, so determined are they to get a piece of the action. Some have been posting reviews and offering bonuses too.

I began using OptimizePress recently and have built a sales page and what are essentially two membership sites with it. It’s not the most intuitive piece of software and I would be lost if I hadn’t taken loads of notes and watched their helpful videos, but it certainly puts the setting up of web pages and membership sites within the reach of those of us with limited coding ability.

Now the creator of OptimizePress, James Dyson, has released what has been described as a completely new product, not an upgrade. It went live last Thursday and the sales page was suspended by Friday, such was the demand. Allegedly.

I say that because it reminds me of the days when nearly every product launch was interrupted because apparently the demand was of server-melting proportions. The more this happened the greater became the suspicion that it was just a tactic to whip up more buyer interest. It seemed to be a classic use of scarcity to make something seem more appealing and increase demand.

OptimizePress 2.0 was back on sale by this morning UK time and the influx of promotional emails to my inbox has started again.

Even if you have no interest in buying the software you can still learn from the launch itself. This is a much-anticipated, popular product, but the marketing and launch process is similar to any other product in the market.

Firstly, the number of people promoting the product shows you how well affiliates were recruited and incentivised. A commission of 40% is offered on both the front end product and the continuity membership. There were also prizes offered for the best performing affiliates during the launch period. The commissions may be a little lower than usual, but that’s because the product is so well-known and popular.

Secondly, there was only one pre-launch video. Sometimes a large launch is accompanied by a sequence of videos to show the need for a product and why the product is such a great solution worthy of your investment. However, OptimizePress is already widely known. Many people are already familiar with what the current version can do. So  before the launch we only had a teaser video giving a brief overview of some of the new features was good enough before the main sales video was available.

When Optimizepress 2.0 launched the sales video showed examples of the software setting up several different types of web page. Apparently this was to be followed by a FAQ video which would have addressed some of the most common questions arising from the launch. However it was scheduled for release yesterday or today and has been cancelled due to the need to re-launch after last week’s high demand.

So we may never truly know whether the suspension of the sales page was a pre-planned tactic or a genuine unforseen result of high demand. Other than that the launch was an endorsement of the methods that are usually applied to any launch in the internet marketing niche.

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