Quick Start Challenge – Is it too challenging?

Quick Start Challenge logoI decided it was time to hit the restart button on my online business. In last week’s post I mentioned that when we fail we should Fail Fast and Fail Forward. I had planned to take six months to a year to rebuild my online business, but I’ve seen an opportunity to possibly start that process quicker, and maybe a kickstart will be useful.

I am starting the “Quick Start Challenge”. It’s run by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips, each a well respected and successful online entrepreneur. Dean was Alex Jeffrey’s first success story and I have met him a couple of times at IM events.

The course is in its third year and I was surprised to see some marketers who I have also met at events giving testimonials. I had not been aware that this was how they made their start online.

So what can I expect? The sales page says the challenge is a “4 Part System That Gets You Traffic, Builds Your Email List And Banks You Cash In 28 Days Or Less – GUARANTEED”.

How will they fit these targets into a month long course? According to the sales page the next 4 weeks will cover the following:

Week 1

Creating a “hub site” and how to establish yourself online quickly and easily even if you’re a total newbie. The hub site must refer to a blog. Any other type of hub site would not make sense.

Week 2

This is about building an email list. The sales page refers to creating a lead magnet and giving it away without needing any technical skills.

Week 3

The topics for week 3 include getting traffic without paying for it, a secret FB strategy, and using videos to get more traffic.

Week 4

The sales page mentions covering the fastest way to earn commissions online, how to automate your income, generating recurring commissions and using video to increase profits.

I’m interested to see how they keep to this schedule and the amount of work and learning a ‘total newbie’ is going to have to cope with. However this is the third year the course has been offered and I’ve been unable to find any negative reviews from the previous two.

The next month should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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