My progress so far

I’m happy to say I achieved my targets from last week. In fact you could say I went a bit mad on the first. I’ve actually joined ten Giveaway Events as a contributor in an attempt to start building my list.

The first has just finished and I now have a list of two! It would be three but the third person has not confirmed they want to be on my list. This is just a consequence of Aweber’s insistence on using double opt-ins and it’s something you have to accept. Not everyone who signs up is going to confirm.

I’m not expecting great results from the start. In fact I’m treating the first few events as an opportunity to gather information: which contributors do well in these events, the type of product that seems popular, and so on.

I’ve also reached my second target which was to have a first draft of a WSO sales page. I did this by looking around the WSO forum for offers similar to mine and looking at the structure of the sales copy. My draft needs more work, but that’s why I’ve started at this time. I like to leave the copy a while then go back to it with fresh eyes; so the sales copy is a task I’ll be returning to again.

When setting this weeks targets I realised I have fallen behind in the training I should be doing. Recently I’ve been on some webinars where the info was coming too fast for me to take good notes so target 1 is to take better notes from the webinar recordings.

My second target is to promote the remaining nine Giveaway Events I’m in with the aim of getting more than two new subscribers per event!

Maybe not the most exciting of targets but training and list building are essential if you want to make money online.

As before I’ll post my progress (and the number on my list!) next week.


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