Insights, contacts and reunions

Group photo at CardiffIn May I attended the Marketing With Alex Live event in London. At the time Alex offered to hold a smaller workshop later in the year.

So last Saturday, after an early dash along the M4, I arrived at the Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff. There I met a number of internet marketers who are at various stages of their online career.

Alex had decided to give us an insight into Dan Sullivan’s $20,000 Strategic Coach program that he is now following. The program is designed to build a self-managing company and is an area of business that could be of value to everyone in the room.

Alex also explained how he came to join the Program, which I found an interesting insight into the way Alex thinks. He had been given the chance to be taught by a tutor in London but turned it down. Alex was only interested in working with Dan Sullivan himself, even though this meant paying more for the program and adding the cost of travelling to Canada every 3 months.

Alex’s opinion is that if you can afford it, it’s best to work with the person who originated and developed the training, not one of those he has taught to pass on the content.

Over the next couple of hours Alex showed us how to use our targets and their obstacles to find strategies to help us reach those targets. Some of this process is framed as questions. For example, whatever the targets you should always ask yourself what is the best result you can expect if you take action and the worst result if you don’t.

After the morning session it was time for lunch and some networking. When you attend these events there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet someone who you could help with their business or visa versa, but on this occasion I met several people who might prove to be valuable contacts.

I also met some people I had first seen at the London event, so it was an opportunity to catch up on how we are all progressing.

Again I was struck by how useful it can be to get away from the keyboard and make some face to face contacts. This makes four events in the last five months and considering the contacts I’ve made and the insights I’ve gained from each meeting I really do recommend you try to attend at least a couple of events, especially if you are starting your internet marketing career.

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