Abandon the Keyboard and Get Out There!

Last weekend I was in Manchester, England to attend the Marketing Summit UK. For two days we were treated to presentations on how to build businesses in solo ads, software creation and niche marketing. We were also given insights into launching a product and the use of language in sales copy. No back of the room pitches, just good information and a chance to network.

It was the first time I had attended a live event since George Brown’s Internet Millionaires Summit in London back in 2010 and it brought home just how important it can be to take a break from the keyboard.

Working from a home office can be very solitary and few people who are not working online understand the challenges. To counteract this you need to get out, meet like minded people and grow your contacts in the business.

Over the weekend I met people I had not seen for a couple of years as well as meeting new online marketers. There were people at the summit who had known each other for years but this was the first occasion they’d met face-to-face.

You can learn a lot and meet some very influential people at these events. Friendships can be made and renewed, ideas and opinions bounced back and forth, potential accountability partners found, and even some possible joint-ventures initiated.

Although most of your work is done at your desk some of the greatest opportunities to learn, network and take steps forward can be made when you attend workshops, meetings and seminars. So keep an eye out for such opportunities and be ready to make the most of them.


4 responses to “Abandon the Keyboard and Get Out There!”

  1. Hi David,

    Just picked up on your blog after meeting you at the marketing summit in Manchester.

    This was the first IM thing I’d attended and I was impressed to say the least. No major pitch-fest, but loads of valuable information and insights from people who really want to help, rather than just cash in!

    It’s certainly given me pause for thought and made me decide to (more or less) stop everything and re-asses just what I want from the internet and how to go about getting it.

    I’ll be following your blog from now on and, as per your advice, I’ll be trying to get away from the keyboard more often & maybe meeting up with you at more events.

    Meanwhile, good luck with the new product.


    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, the meeting at Manchester was particularly good. If they are planning one next year I’ll definitely be attending.

      If you decide you want to go the internet maketing route keep an eye out for Alex Jeffreys’ London event in May which should be another good one.

      Good luck with whichever direction you choose and keep in touch.


  2. Hey David,

    Wow man, you don’t have an idea of how much I envy you right now!

    I wanted to go that live event but I had my formal wedding proposal party on that weekend and I couldn’t change it.

    In the end, the party was held one week in advance but I just wasn’t prepared (monetary speaking) to make it from Mexico all the way to London.

    Hope it was really good, I’m not sure if you know this but I have learnt quite a lot from people like Marc Milburn, Dean Holland and many other marketers from the UK.

    Did you learn something else in particular?


    • Marc gave a brilliant presentation on managing product funnels in several niches. It was so popular I think he was being asked to put a course together based on the presentation.

      The whole event was recorded and DVDs are being produced, so there may be an opportunity to see the presentations even if you didn’t attend.


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