A Quick Update

Just a quick update on progress. With the main product and upsell ready to go I’ve been working on the downsell part of the sales funnel.

The first downsell is essentially the main product minus the video content. This is where it helps to think about upsells and downsells right from the start of product creation. Ideally your downsells should consist of content that has already been created.

Some internet marketers just drop the price of their main product by about $10 and use that as a downsell. I don’t believe in doing this for two reasons. Firstly it will just antagonise the customers who paid full price, and secondly because I believe in the concept of relating price to value. If the downsell is going to sell for less it should contain less than the main offer, though it must still be useful.

My second downsell is a free ebook which is essentially a small part of the content already in the main product. The thinking behind making the second downsell free is based on the probability that if the prospect is not enticed by the main offer and the first downsell, it’s unlikely they will be willing to pay for any form of downsell. Also I dislike having to work my way through a string of downsells when I want to leave an offer and don’t want my prospects to feel the same way. Multiple downsells make me increasingly unlikely to invest and makes the vendor seem desperate, especially after the ninth offer.

With the downsells complete I am now working on the sales page for the first downsell and a squeeze page for the free ebook. Once those are complete I have to insert them into the sales funnel so the prospect is directed to the correct offer when they leave the main sales page.

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