A Progress Update

It’s just over a month since I last mentioned how I am progressing with my product, so here’s an update. Hopefully it might be of some help if you are planning a product of your own.

Having completed all of the videos and used the soundtracks to create audios it was time to set up the website. Originally this was going to be an ordinary HTML site, but I was advised it would be easier to use a WordPress site with a marketing theme and membership site software. This was mainly because my product was organised into a number of modules, ideal for such a setup.

I already had access to Premise, which can set up a membership site the way I need it. However Premise is fairly new so I have decided to go with more established software, simply because it should be easier to work with and also easier to sort out any problems, simply because it’s more likely problems would have been encountered and solved in the past. So I went with the OptimizePress theme and WishList Member. Both can do so much more than I currently require of them, but I can see that I’ll need some of the other features they have in the future.

This has turned out to be a good decision and I’m impressed with how flexible they are and how they make things so easy. My mentor Marc Milburn is very familiar with them and has been able to handhold me through the set up. The training videos for OptimizePress are very good, but it’s even easier when someone is showing you what to do step by step and can spot where you’ve gone wrong if things aren’t set up just how you’d like. As a result much of the setup has been achieved in a couple of short Skype calls when it could otherwise have taken me a number of days.

So now the videos are uploaded to the appropriate pages and the content protected. The sales video is in place and I have set up the Add to Cart button to appear at the appropriate time. This is something else which is easily done with OptimizePress.

A Clickbank account has been opened for the product and linked to the Add to Cart button. Now there are just some final pieces of content to complete and upload, and then it’s time to start thinking about affiliate resources.

This may seem like good progress, but in all honesty I feel I should have completed this in half the time. Sometimes day to day life gets in the way, sometimes you end up procrastinating, no matter how easy the next steps seem to be. This is something I need to address (again!) and is likely to be the subject of a post in a couple of weeks.

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