Useful Resources To Get Analytics For Your Emails

You are probably aware of the importance of measuring traffic to your website, but are you also measuring the effectiveness of your emails?

Your email marketing should have a goal. It may be to grow your subscriber base, generate more leads, or to convert your existing leads to customers. If you are not measuring your results you won’t know how to improve your chances of hitting your goal.

The email client you use may have some analytics features. Aweber and Getresponse offer some clear and useful analytics. However if the client you use is not giving the information you need you may want to use an alternative software or service. Here are three alternatives you might consider.


This service lets you test and track your emails. You can preview pages for desktop and mobile, test your email to see if it will pass through every major spam filter, run page tests, know how your email looks to customers who turn their images off, and more.


This site uses an adaptable and intuitive interface to help you track email delivery and activity across devices. You will know whether your subscribers opened an email, clicked on a link, unsubscribed, or reported your email as spam. You can send up to 6,000 free emails a month or pay if you send more.


An alternative approach is to outsource your email marketing analytics and data collection. SpiderTrainers will do it for you. They can figure out what data you need to know, and how to collect it, then send you analytics reports.

When you are planning an email campaign you should keep the goal in mind. Decide in advance what information you need to know, how you’ll gather it, and how you will use the results when you have gathered them.

The above is just a small example of the services and software available. If you’ve used any of the above please let me know what you thought of them or suggest any alternatives you may be aware of.

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