The Extra Mile That Can Increase Sales

Ever bought something just because of the free bonus that was attached?

Whether it’s a trial of some kind, or an extra product thrown in, people love getting value for money. This is why bonuses can sometimes convince a prospect that your product is worth the investment.

In the information product marketplace, consumers have come to expect something extra. Since most marketers regularly offer bonuses and freebies, it’s hard to compete if you don’t offer bonuses too.

Bonuses can even persuade an indecisive person to buy. Ones that are only available for a limited time can prompt people to take action. If someone is on the fence about a purchase, knowing that they get a bonus if they act before a dealine can be the catalyst that gets them to take action now instead of waiting for later.

Bonuses can also help reduce buyer’s remorse. This is where a buyer will question whether or not they made a good decision after they have made a purchase. The further out of their comfort zone a given purchase is, the greater the buyer’s remorse is likely to be.

A good bonus can help the buyer feel more comfortable after handing over their money – convincing them that they have made a wise decision. This can keep your customers happy and help reduce your rate of returns.

So what makes a good bonus? The key to bonuses is that they should appeal to a prospect and greatly improve the customer’s experience while minimally impacting your time and bottom line.

Firstly the bonus must be relevant to your product or service. If a prospect is interested in what your sales page offers don’t present them with something irrelevant. For example, when I sold an asthma related ebook one of my competitors was offering a number of medical-related ebooks as a bonus, including one on a weight loss. It may be relevant, but there’s not always a link between the two. My own bonus was an ebook on allergies, in my opinion a topic that was more likely to be relevant to my prospects.

Bonuses should also be easy to deliver. Digital bonuses like ebooks or videos can be easily linked to via a download page and delivered automatically once your customer has made a purchase. The fact that the bonus is delivered promptly is an important factor in reducing refunds.

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