Metrics To Measure Your Marketing ROI

All marketing incurs expenses in some form. Often it’s in terms of money, but even free marketing requires an investment in time and effort. To determine your marketing return on investment (ROI) you need to understand what your goals are. It’s important when setting your marketing goals that you are very specific about what you […]

EPC – The metric that could predict your success

There are a number of statistics or metrics you should know about your online business. One of the most important is called the Earnings Per Click (EPC). This tells you how much money you make for each unique visitor (‘click’) to reach your website or sales funnel. To calculate your EPC for a product you […]

Are you Focusing on Vanity, Sanity or are you Ignoring Reality?

There’s a saying in business that revenue is vanity, profit is sanity.  Actually there are a number of variations with volume or turnover also being vanity and cash flow or margin being sanity. The basic idea is that it’s not how much you sell that really matters, it’s how much money you make. It’s no […]


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