How To Be More Successful At Making Money Online

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to make money online for some time there are two questions to ask yourself. Why have you not yet achieved that goal? What have you been doing to make yourself the amount of money you want and reach your goals?

If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again for more than six months and you haven’t got the result you aimed for then it may be time to try something different. There are a number of ways to make money online. Try not to limit your beliefs regarding what is possible.

Many fail to make money online because they don’t understand that an online business has to follow the same principles as any other business. Working online doesn’t mean basic business practices no longer apply. It certainly doesn’t mean you can set up a business with less effort.

If you want to earn a lot of money you’re going to have to do a lot of work to make that happen. That means staying away from pushbutton software and methods. Don’t waste your time looking for a single product that is going to make you five figures a month, or whatever your target is. Realise that that particular online dream is as impractical as hoping to make money from most business-in-a-box offers in the off-line world. If you want five or six figures a month you’re going to have to build a business to get that sort of money.

Don’t buy a product from a sales page believing that you can automatically get the results described in the sales copy. Not every ‘make money online’ product for sale is a waste of time, but you may need to find your own method of what’s going to work for you. Every business owner has their own approach and talents. That’s why a method of making money can work immediately for some, but not others.

Creating an automated income from a website takes time and effort. Creating a website is easy. The challenge is to provide something of value and letting your prospects know it’s available. You need to work out how to initially engage with your audience and how to continue engaging with them.

This is basic business practice, whether it’s online or off-line. People are not going to go into a shop and buy something off the shelf if it is of no value to them. They’re not going to buy something if it looks cheap or the shop looks like it’s setup to make the owner a quick buck with no regard for the customer. You need to build trust, and that will take time and effort too.

If you want to make money online it is no different to building yourself a business off-line. The only difference is that you are digitally delivering your product or service. The concepts and principles of business are basically the same. You still have to put in the time and effort. You’reĀ  still selling to human beings, but the delivery is different.

If you’ve been doing the same thing for the past six months and your income has not yet increased then something needs to change. Look at what you have been doing and discover why it is not working for you. Have you been building a business or trying to implement a silver-bullet push button method?

You need to focus on one niche where you can deliver value, and preferably that you enjoy. Even if that leads you to something you believe no one else would be interested in, the internet is probably vast enough to contain that small niche. Your customers are out there somewhere. Whatever business you choose, go into it with persistence and expect to have to work for it. Treat it like a business and you’ll be more successful.

How to Prepare Your Business So You Can Enjoy A Vacation

Wooden lounger on beach
Image: Vacation in my backyard by Mandolin Davis on Flickr

Vacations are one of the many things sacrificed by startup business owners. Even those working online. Even if the business has been running a couple of years it can still be a challenge to step away from the emails, posting and creating that working online involves.

Yet one of the supposed advantages of having your own online business is that you can go anywhere at any time and still have the busines running. The problem is business owners believe that going on vacation means they’ll slip from the minds of their list and social media contacts, lose money, and return to a pile of work.

If you are to genuinely leave your business and relax it’s important to make plans to take vacations. You have to decide and work out how you are going to turn off the computers, disconnect from social media, and spend time away from your daily work.

Here are six ways you can prepare your business for your vacations.

Have Systems

You cannot expect to select appropriate software or give someone a task if you cannot explain what the task entails. This is where systems come in. You should have a clear process for every important part of the business that you will need to continue if you hope to go away on vacation. This can seem daunting, but it’s really just a matter of recording what you do as you perform each task and then reviewing it to check another person can perform the same task and produce the required results.

Create an Appropriate Schedule

Control the flow of work in and out of your business during your vacation by careful scheduling. Set deadlines that ensure everything is prepared for the vacation period. Knowing everything is in place before you leave creates the piece of mind you’ll need if you are going to enjoy your time off.

Use Automation

It’s an online business, so using automation should seem an obvious solution. There are plenty of things you can automate and there are some things it is best not to. For example, you can automate delivery of content. Autoresponders to send emails to your list and other software to schedule your social media posts. You can also automate parts of your business that do not directly interact with customers, like bookkeeping and computer backups.

As a general rule, if it doesn’t directly affect your clients, consider automating it, especially if it does not make your business seem less ‘human’ and friendly. However, beware of automating anything that responds directly to your customers, like customer service. This sort of task would be better given to a team.

Build a Reliable Team

If you want to run your business so that it continues as usual whether you’re there or not you are going to have to build up a team. Identify the tasks that need creativity or a human touch and find people or outsourcing companies that will meet these needs. Using individuals or companies each have their advantages. A company can be more reliable than an individual, simply because you will not be depending on just one person. However a person that understands and meets your needs exactly can be better than a company with many clients competing for their attention.

Find a Partner

If you cannot yet afford to build a team or outsource, consider going into partnership with another business owner who does the same type of work as you. There are a number of advantages to online partnerships, including having an agreement that each partner will take over some of the work of the other during vacations.

Build Up A Passive Income

There are plenty of opportunities for passive income online. Affiliate marketing, blogging, and adverts leading to automated sales and delivery systems can help make your business less reliant on other income sources that demand your active participation. Build up a passive income and the ability to schedule blog and social media posts for while you’re on a vacation, and your business will hardly notice your absence for a couple of weeks.

As an online business owner you can easily take a laptop or tablet on vacation and keep working from anywhere with an internet connection. However, if you want to completely disconnect for a period of time there are ways to organise your business so that you can have a genuine vacation.