My Traffic Has Flatlined!

Traffic was always a major problem when I was running blogs before and it’s still a major challenge.

I knew that I was going to have to address this issue, but till now I’ve been concentrating on completing my product and building my list with giveaway events. Then I received this weeks analytics for the blog.


As  you can see Google Analytics for the site shows there were no visitors for the seven days between 11th and 17th November 2012.

If you value the life of your business flatlining for a blogger is as catastrophic as flatlining for a doctor or surgeon. In fact Google should add a feature that produces that incessant beep that accompanies a flatline on a heart monitor. It shouldn’t be ignored.

No traffic means no one sees your optin form, reads your content or gets to like you. Ultimately that means you do not build a list, you make no sales and you have no business.

So it’s time to address the issue. One thing you must realise is that it’s not going to resolve itself. Don’t believe the ‘build it and they will come’ brigade. If it ever was the case on the internet it definitely is not the case now. If your traffic is lower than you want it to be then you have to take action.

So over the coming weeks I’m going to be trying different traffic methods and sharing my results. You’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

If this is of interest to you then be sure to visit regularly and check out my results. Let’s see if we can get this patient on the road to recovery.


P.S. The irony of no traffic and therefore no comments to last week’s blog post is not lost on me. And yes, this P.S. is an attempt to get you to take a look and leave a comment. But at least I’m showing you my blooper reel.

4 responses to “My Traffic Has Flatlined!”

    • Good point Roger. The bad news is the flatline is real. The good news is I know the Analytics is working because I’ve had some visitors since this post. There’ll be an update next week.

  1. Hi David

    I feel your Google analytics code is not functional at the moment. Kindly look into that. Best of luck for the coming week.


    • Hi Sapna

      No I’m sorry to say it’s been working throughout as far as I can see. Traffic really did dip to zero for a week. The good news is it’s recovering. I’ll post an update soon.

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