My First Video Online!


A small step that many other online marketers have made, but a giant leap forward for my own online business.

The product I’m working on includes video based training, so this is an important step. But it wasn’t a straightforward one.

Now I know recording videos and making them accessible online is a lot easier than it used to be, but the learning curve could be  better. I’m hosting my videos on Amazon S3 and processing the raw video using Handbrake and Easy Video Player. I can’t honestly say that learning how they work together or how to set up or use any of them was as clear and straightforward as it could be.

Luckily I had two invaluable resources. One is a user friendly web designer and the other is YouTube. Whenever I’m stuck on anything technical these days I tend to search for the solution on YouTube before I use Google. Someone has usually posted a video that helps me out.

Which makes me wonder if I should put a video on there that would have made my own learning a little easier. I have some YouTube videos planned for the future anyway, so maybe that’s yet another thing for the backburner.

So what’s next? Well uploading the above video was a trial run so I want to make sure I collate my notes and have the process clearly  written down. That will make repeating the process so much easier. My product has about another 23 videos to be uploaded, so once I have the web pages organised in terms of course modules that’s what I’ll be doing.

Have you any of your own videos online? Did you find the process easy or as clear as mud? Let me know in the comments below and perhaps share any solutions you found useful. Thanks.


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