So, My First Ever Blog Post Under My Own Name

Back in 2010 I had four blogs that I was posting on weekly under various pen names. They weren’t successful. I believe the content was good, but I just couldn’t get traffic to them.

I was in Chris Freville’s mastermind group at the time and every couple of months we’d meet up and report our progress to our peers. Many round the table that day may remember how my feedback ended up being almost a table thumping, frustrated rant at my lack of success.

So why am I starting blogging again? Because I believe that in this business you only fail when you give up, and the potential rewards are too good for me to consider stopping just yet.

Why should you be interested in reading my blog? Because despite my limited success with blogging I have had some success with ebooks. Now I believe I’m closer to finding a way to make good money online than ever before.

Why? Because I have a product that’s nearly finished after (too many ) months of development and because I am now a member of Alex Jeffrey’s Inner Circle. Alex has a knack of keeping things simple and encourages you to be accountable.

So, in the spirit of accountability, I intend to start documenting my progress on this blog. You may find it useful to see what I intend to do and whether I achieve it. My targets for this week are:

1. Participate in a Giveaway Event to start building a list.
2. Complete a first draft of a WSO sales copy.

I’ll post my progress next week and I’ll also tell you about the progress I’ve made prior to this post. I’m hoping it’ll help you think about what you should be doing and help you achieve your goals as well.

Please post your comments. I’d love to hear from people who are in a situation similar to mine and wanting to build an online business. Let’s take action.


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